7 Best Tips for a Strong Immune System


As soon as it is wet and cold, threatening viruses and bacteria to strike again. How do you strengthen your immune system check out these tips and you will find it out.


The more varied the diet, the better the defense

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Especially vitamins C and D and the trace elements zinc and selenium are important for an intact immune system. The best way is to have a balanced diet cover: fruits and vegetables five times a day, twice each fish and meat per week, plus valuable vegetable oils and whole grains.

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Get out into the fresh air!

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A daily walk supplies the body with oxygen and moisturizes the throat and nasal mucosa. Also lets the sunlight enter in the skin it has the essential vitamin D. But rain and snow should not deter take in fresh air. Pay attention to warm hands and feet, for it is only a good blood flow to the skin also supplies the mucous membranes in the nose and throat with immune cells.

Athletic, but please reasonable

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Endurance sports such as swimming, running or Nordic Walking are particularly well suited to strengthen the immune system. Due to the increased metabolism and improved circulation, pathogens can be better combated and waste products are removed quickly from the body. Beware of overexertion: Begin wisely and increase slowly. After a rest, drink enough and hot pack!

Are you asleep? Sufficiently

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While many body processes slow down during sleep, the body’s immune system is particularly active. There are increasingly formed immune cells that fight foreign substances in the body. On average, it takes about eight hours of sleep in order to recover. A nap after lunch of more than 30 minutes brings the body in addition to momentum.

Laugh every day!


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When you laught body’s happy hormones (endorphins) and increased defense body are released. So release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the body from which blood pressure drops, the mood rises and the pathogens have no chance!

Smoking weakens the immune system

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With the tobacco smoke the body expected a plethora of toxins: Nicotine constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the mucous membranes, harmful substances in the lungs must be fought by immune cells of the body. Anyone who gives up smoking, his immune system relieves enormous.

Sauna bath

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Cold showers and saunas work by the constant temperature changes the immune system. Practiced can quite week visit two or three times the sauna. The hull is very sensitive to cold and costs a great deal to overcome. Good dry and do not forget to wrap!

Medicinal plants for a strong immune system

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Sun, water hemp, arborvitae and Wild Indigo are medicinal plants that stimulate the immune system. They are available as drops, juice or tablets in pharmacies. Generally, you should first of all not be taken more than two weeks, so that the immune system can also work on their own again.