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6 Awesome & Cheap Pubs in London 2015/16 where you Drink

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There is a great deal of “pubs in London”. Probably you can get a whole life trying to be busy, to visit all the time. I try every time I’m over there, to find a new pub which is good. Nevertheless, it is at the pubs in London, for me anyway, is always the same: Never change a winning team.

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A great importance of pubs in London – Tradition meets trends

For London and for all people who live or work, the pubs play a very special role. Go evening after work in the pub – which is common there. People meet here with friends, colleagues or even with the family to enjoy.

Pubs in London

Personally, I find that a really good thing, even compared with the rest of the world’s mentality that “dictates” to go to the home working, what to cook and then fall asleep on the couch.

Accordingly, you can see there well attended almost all pubs from approx 5.00 pm. This was also made ​​up later in the evening. But who thinks that the pub visit is only popular with locals and at the right London is mistaken. Of course you can also have as much fun as they can as a tourist. I myself was very skeptical because I was not sure how the classic London reacted to me when they see other tourist there. The answer from my experience is very positive. I think anyone who lives there, who must quickly come so clear that the city is now home to a large proportion of time tourists.

I have already seen a lot of funny and interesting hours in the pubs. Especially it is funny when you meet the occasional drunken Scots, Irish or even Englishmen – who can tell a whole lot.

Beer Pub London

Which pubs in London I can recommend?

As already mentioned there are many pubs in London. Some of them I can only recommend. Especially like I’m in O’Neill’s between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, to be precise in the 33-37 Wardour St. The advantage of this very centrally located pub is that it has almost daily live music, good crowd and the very good food. Cards you should here, however from 20.00 clocks with you, there are always controlled (as generally in pubs). From time to time, when it is full, the pub requires admission fees, but only at a later hour, rather rare.

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A further Pub, I can recommend you, is the Salisbury, also near the Leicester Square, in the 90 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden. At this very traditional pub atmosphere is particularly – here you can easy to talk to other people, especially with the locals. This pub is definitely worth a visit!

Of course there are other countless pubs in London. You are welcome to tell me your  favorites – maybe I was also already there.

1# Queens Larder Pub


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2# Waxy O’conner’s 

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3# The Phaniards Inn pub

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4# The Fox & Hound

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5# Ye Olde Mitre Tavern

pubs in london (1)

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6# White Swan Pub & Dining Room

pubs in london (2)

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Black Friday Deals

WOW – Amazing Offers

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