5 UK Celebrities Who Have Gone Under the Knife in 2015


A little nip and tuck here and there is by no means uncommon these days, especially in the world of celebrities, and people are becoming more and more open about discussing the work they have had done, both good and bad. Here, we outline 5 UK celebrities who have gone under the knife in 2015:




Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice has been in the public eye for about two decades, and her appearance has changed drastically in this time. Impossibly thin, even after three pregnancies, Victoria Beckham has turned herself into a fashion icon, as well as a poster child of sorts for cosmetic surgery. Victoria has had extensive work done on her face, including rhinoplasty, re sculpted cheekbones and collagen in her upper lip to help her achieve her beautiful, stoic look, as well as a breast augmentation to enhance and accentuate her tiny figure, making her no stranger to the cosmetic surgery table. It is likely Posh will undergo more procedures to maintain her looks and keep up her appearance as time marches on – but we think she looks fantastic. However, despite the glamour of Posh Spice, should people really want to emulate her efforts?


Katie Price

Katie Price, the well known model and businesswoman, speaks from first hand experience when she cautions fans about not researching cosmetic surgery, advising others to not follow her lead, and choose their surgeon extremely carefully. Cosmetic procedures are old hat to Katie; she’s had more than her share, including dental veneers, seven separate breast augmentations, and most recently a breast reduction. The list is a long one and also includes a nose job, lip filler injections, liposuction, and she’s even rumoured to have undergone a vaginal rejuvenation, making her quite the knowledgeable source on the subject of cosmetic surgery – including the effort required to fix undesirable outcomes after some procedures.


Chloe Sims

TOWIE star Chloe Sims has always been very open and forthcoming about her cosmetic surgery choices, openly admitting to undergoing several procedures, including dental veneers, a breast enlargement, and the ever-popular butt lift. Chloe is an excellent example of how sometimes a little work leads to a lot of work, as she still intends to have bottom lip filler injections in an attempt to realign her square jaw line, and has spoken of having her porcelain veneers redone.


Chloe also admits to using Botox every six or so months, and is open about using cosmetic surgery as a tool to develop her self-confidence.

Cheryl Cole

Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Cheryl Cole is devoted to diet and nutrition, but is certainly no stranger to the concept of seeking surgical assistance to aid in physical appearances. She has a long list of procedures under her belt, including breast implants, as well as Botox treatments and lip fillers, and most notable where she’s concerned, cosmetic dentistry.


Due to a broken nose, Cole has undergone rhinoplasty, which has changed to look of her nose. Despite all of the physical changes the consensus remains the same – she looks fantastic and is still as charming as ever.

Tulisa Contostavlos

Well known for her professional accolades as well as her personal dramas, Tulisa has generated much attention for herself when it comes to the area of cosmetic surgery, having admittedly undergone lip and cheek fillers, but denying rumours of a nose job, instead crediting the use of makeup contouring techniques.


Being a celebrity is a tough job these days, and it’s no wonder these famous ladies have turned to the surgeon to ensure their celebrated style never goes out of fashion.

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