5 Awesome Diy and Crafts for the Home 2015


Now that the days are longer, there seems to be more time to be creative in the home: every room can have a spring touch that will add spark and colour, nurturing a welcoming appeal.

This is a guide and some creative ideas that you can make from simple objects with easy tools in quick steps.

5 Awesome Diy and Crafts for the Home 2015

1# Nature Cloche

The first signs of spring appear with butterflies, insects, ladybugs and dragonflies: choose which are your favourites or combine them all in varying sizes.

Tools and Tips

Using a craft-knife cut a circular piece of Styrofoam (polystyrene) 25 mm in diameter (1 inch) to make a 127 mm circle (5 inches). Using black velvet cut a circle of 228.6mm (9 inches), pull the material over the foam, making sure it fits snuggly over the edges by using pins underneath.

With craft wire, create different lengths and insert one end into the foam making sure that there is room above and to the side for the dome. Glue the butterfly or insect, with a pea-size amount of glue to the wire and perform this action to them all before covering it with the cloche.

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2# Bookends

Papier-mâché is one of the most enjoyable and versatile techniques: you can use paints, colours, and varnishes to give it that final artistic effect. Using letters, for example your initials, use the craft-knife to cut the font and paint it in your favourite colour with textural additions that could be decorations, stars, diamanté or beads.


3# Retro Hanging Light

Such a bright addition will add some vintage glamour to any room. Lampcommerce offers excellent advice for electrical fittings as well as a variation of lighting options for your home this spring.

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Tools and Tips

Again, using the craft-knife cut an 88.9mm circle (3.5 inches) under the globe where the latitudes will act as guides. For the pendant to fit at the top, you will need another opening. For this, measure it first in pencil to ensure accuracy. Using a drill measuring 3.7mm (1/8 inch), perforate each continent’s outline with 6.35mm (1/4 inch) distance between each one. Once the socket has been inserted at the top, use a 15 watt bulb to illuminate the continents. When finished, it can look great hung over a desk in the study room and inspire any student to want to spend time in there!

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4# Wall Clocks

Choose your favourite paper or magazine with any interesting pattern or seasonal design to enliven an old clock. Depending on your preference, you can also choose a free design from any clip-art site. Once it is downloaded you can adjust the scale to suit the size of the clock face. Wallpaper designs can be an alternative background too as you could have a few clocks hanging that would depict different time zones and match the style to suit the culture.


Tools and Tips

To remove the main part of the clock and the battery, use a screwdriver then a plier for the other finer parts to carefully disengage the hands, nut and washer while placing them in a sequential order ready for re-assemblage. Outline the clock’s face onto the design ready to be cut into a circle. Place the design over the face so the pattern is facing up, then use double-sided sticky tape to bind them. For the hands to stay in place, pierce a hole through the paper then piece together all the parts to build a dynamic collection of personalised wall clocks.

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5# Comic Art Chair

This is ideal for any age group with a penchant for comics: keep in mind that it can also be used with impressionist or modern art posters, or anything else for that matter. If you are on a tight shoe string budget this can be a terrific choice to decorate a new home or room.


Pick up a chair from a charity shop, strip off the paint, tear old comics and glue them down covering the spine, legs, seat and leg rests. Complete the final touch with a varnish that is odourless then allow to dry.

Put together DIY with some crafty ideas for fun all year round!