Amazing ‘Season’ 3D Art Show at London Wall Street boost HBO

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HBO, which is a premium American TV network, has started a new and an amazing 3D art show in United Kingdom. This time, they came with a brand new technique to promote Game of Thrones, which previously released in beach. However, this time it is in the wall London Bishop square. In this popular place, this unique way is awesome to entertain people of London, UK.

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3D Art Show at London


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Photo Credit :   Joe Pepler/REX

Joe Hill, who is the creator of 3D says that he is also very happy with this initiative, organized by the HBO TV show, this show is unique and creative other than other shows because it is the first time in the world wall in 3D presenting more than 1 angle.

Fans of the London are already too much excited and now they are looking more encouraging and interested with this art show. He has painted too many things and ideas on the street roads of the London, UK. A big portrait of different kinds in 3D looks very attracting in the photographs, and it attracts people to come and see these 3D pictures live.

 3D art show in United Kingdom

Photo Credit :   Joe Pepler/REX

By looking at these masterpieces of talented 3D art master Joe, somebody can sense how well he painted these pictures, and more interestingly mostly are about the wall London Street buildings, where it looks that many individuals are climbing towards the top of the building. It is really incredible and fascinating work show.

Moreover, it reflects two different angles with two different directions. If you lie on the surface, you will feel that you are stiff to the side of wall. On the other hand, if you stand on the top of the surface make an impact that you are standing on the top of the building wall.

This show also indicates that HBO is now going to make a huge profit after handing over this show to these mastermind artists, who are spreading the opportunities to welcome the new trends of 3D arts.

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