30 Funniest Animal Selfies you can’t stop laughing


Selfies are becoming more and more popular day by day that even animal have now started to take selfies. Here is the album of 30 funny animal selfies that will entertain you and will surely make your day.


30 Funniest Animal Selfies you can't stop laughing


Enjoy a gallery of 30 funny animals’ selfies. Which is favorite one?

30. When you realize you left your phone in another room

When your phone rings and you realize that you have left your phone in another room.

Your face be like:


29. When you accidentally turn to your front camera

When you accidentally turn to your front camera on

Your face there just be like:

animal-selfies-29 Source

28. The Angry Bird

When you find that someone has seen your message on WhatsApp but still trying to ignore you.

Your face be like:


27. Selfie Fever

When you know that there’s nothing left but, you still can’t live without the selfie.

Your face be like:

animal-selfies-27 Source

26. The Old Friends

When you meet your school age best friend after a very long time in a festival and you don’t have words to express your feelings.

Your face be like:

animal-selfies-26 Source

25. The Unexpected Friend Request

When someone you don’t even expect on facebook, sent you a request and you don’t know what to do.

Your face be like:


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24. Horse selfie with friends

It’s seems that these horses are very old good friends and met with each other after a very long time and decided to take a selfie photo.


23. Selfie in new hood

When your parents bought a new hood for you and you just love that.

Your face be like:


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22. The Angsty Teenager

When you see someone like his/her own comment or post.

Your face be like:


21. Tommorrow is exam

When you’re sleeping and realized that you have an exam tomorrow.

Your face be like:


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20. Beauty Saloon Selfie

When you go to beauty salon with friends and takes a selfie.


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19. The Best Friends

When you meet your best friend in a mall unexpectedly

Your face be like:


18. The Art Student

Selfie is an art and who can take it better than the student of art. It seems that this cat is the student of art and finds a perfect background to take a selfie.


17. The High Altitude Selfie

When you’re high but bae asks for a selfie.


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16. The Actual Me

How I feel taking selfies and how i actually look.


15. Top of the world

When you successfully reached on the peak of the mountain and take a selfie.

Your face be like:


14. About to sneeze

When you are in a public place and you are trying to control your sneeze.

Your face be like:


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13. Out-of-Focus Squirrel

While showing a skill for posturing and utilization of normal lighting, this squirrel didn’t exactly figure out how to accomplish a decent core interest. Oh, the beast quality it took for him to hold the camera is amazing.



12.  Emotions

When you see that someone is  beating up badly to the person you hate the most and you just can’t control your emotions.

Your face be like:


11. A Happy Dog

It seems that this dog has visited to a dentist clinic and dentist gives him a present and the dog becomes too much happy.


10. Happiness

That moment when teacher cancelled the test and you just can’t control your happiness.

Your face be like:



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9. The Duckface

Not only Girls can take a duck face selfie. Cats can do this also


8. Yeeaaah!

When someone says that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi.

My face be like:


7. How I look taking a selfie

Whenever I try to take a good selfie photo of mine and the result is this.


6. Friendship

When you realize that you’re not the only one who failed in exams but your friends has also failed.

Your face be like:


5. About To Sleep

It seems that the dog has just came back from a party and he’s too tired. He’s just about to sleep.


4. Awkward Moment

That awkward moment when someone told you a stupid joke and laughs on it without completing it.

Your face be like:


3. The Sleeping Selfie

When you takes a selfie while sleeping.

Your face be like:


2. The Natural

When you see that someone is using your phone without your permission and reading your text messages.

Your face be like:


1. Mini Heart attack

When you realize that this is the last image of this post.

Your face be like:


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