£250k value of Bikes Stolen in London

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Ford Transit, the hire company, beard great loss when two of their vans containing high performance bikes namely Scott Foils, Giants Propels and Cervelos were found missing from the Travelodge Excel  exhibition  centre car parking located in the East London at around 2 am morning yesterday. The estimated values of top stolen bikes are approximately £250,000 worth.

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The theft which took place at the fourth day of “London Bike Show” has become a great worry for the police and they have started the investigation. The people are also requested to give any information about the theft that took place earlier.

The Tri UK people are quiet hopeful that their stolen bikes and equipment will be located by the Metropolitan police very soon. They have shown their gratitude to the people who have condoled them. Tri UK, the retailer whom these bikes belonged has said that they received great response from public and industry after the episode happened. The bikes contained by the vans are considered as very valuable since very few of them are available in the UK market right now.

A partner at TriUK Alison Boon said

After being in the triathlon industry for over 21 years, the sheer response and goodwill being sent to Tri UK has overwhelmed us. All leads are being passed over to the Police and Tri UK are still hoping some of these bikes will show up – especially the more rare ones.

The triathlon retailer has offered to give £100,000 to anyone giving the information leading towards the culprits. The information about the van has also been released. The two ford Luton vans stolen have the registration numbers DY12 FJF and DV61 DJE respectively. Anyone having the information are requested to call Tri UK 01935 414 142 or the police on 101.

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