25 Ridiculous Car Paints Every Car Owner Should See

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It’s always hard to choose that which color of car we should and what paint we should do on it. Because if paint goes fail your car will be a joke and everyone will laugh on it. In this article, you will see some ridiculous car paints. Every car owner should see this article so he don’t paint his car like these are. We hope you will enjoy the article and share it with your friends.

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Enjoy the gallery of “25 Ridiculous Car Paints Every Car Owner Should See”. On which car paint you laughed the most?

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25 Ridiculous Car Paints Every Car Owner Should See

1. And I thought I should go for a red

What a great insult of such an expensive car. His owner should be ashamed for this.



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Image Source

2. Reminds me of my aunt’s garden

A flower garden on a car. It reminds me of my aunt’s garden which was full of flowers.


Image Source

3. Why you didn’t used spray?

If you have used a spray then you car would surely has a cool look but you didn’t.


Image Source

4. A car whose driver is zebra

The driver of this car must be great lover of zebra or must be a zebra himself.


Image Source

5. No one will come close to this car

No one will try to come close to this car. This 3D art is really amazing but it looks ridiculous on car.


Image Source

6. A car from the sea world

We can understand you’re a huge fan of sponge bob but you don’t have to paint it on your car.


Image Source

7. All of you are looking weird

She’s posing like she is looking too beautiful but someone should tell her you’re looking more weird than your car.


Image Source

8. Jaguar must be crying

After seeing the owner of jaguar has decided that he is going to close his company.


Image Source

9. Car from the jungle book

Who paint his car like this? No one except Tarzan.


Image Source

10. The color of the matches his owner’s retardness

The paint this has is similar to the mind his owner has.


Image Source

11. Star wars spaceship who looks like car

Painting a Darth Vader on your car? Seriously I can’t understand the reason.


Image Source

12. Just tell me Why?

Why you did this  with your car? If you don’t like it why not give it to someone?


Image Source

13. Thumbs up from Mr. Obama

Where ever the car goes, Barrack Obama go with it.


Image Source

14. I will never eat fish now

I hate you painter because of you I’m not gonna eat fish ever again.


Image Source

15. A walking billboard car?

So much advertisement on this car that it looks billboard more and car less. They should name it walking billboard.


Image Source

16. A moment of silence for this car

The owner has killed the dignity of this car. I am feeling sad for this car.


Image Source

17. This how they modify cars in Japan

Japanese will never gonna learn how to paint car and this is one example of this.


Image Source

18. They have nailed it

They made every part of this car weird even tyres.


Image Source

19. Turtle don’t win in real life

I think he still believes on rabbit and turtle story. That was just an imaginary story my friend.


Image Source

20. Don’t know if it is a car or paint shop

I think he has took all toys of his children and paint them on the car so his car looks more weird.


Image Source

21. Gold Platted car

I think he did this because he thinks he can make people fool by saying that his car is made of gold.


Image Source

22. Lion face is bigger than hands

The car not only have ridiculous paint but it also has a mistake.


Image Source

23. The man without mind

Such dumb don’t have any rights to live on this planet. They should deported on mars.


Image Source

24. Real clown is inside the car

Yes we are really seeing this. McDonald’s clown is real and he is driving the car.


Image Source

25. A car who has every color

Do you wanna see all colors together? Than you only have to see this car.


Image Source

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