25 Photos of Epic Bicycle Locking Fails

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Bicycle is the most common mean of transportation people use. Everyone can afford it rich or poor. Locking bicycle is one the main thing, so that no one can steal your cycle but there some people living on this earth who can’t even do this. Today, you will see epic bicycle locking fails photos. It will surely make you day good and you will feel tension free. We have gathered epic cycle locking fails photos from different for you. We hope you will enjoy this article.

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Enjoy the gallery of “25 Photos of Epic Bicycle Locking Fails”. Which fail is your favorite?

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25 Photos of Epic Bicycle Locking Fails

1. Even a baby can take your cycle away

How dumb is the guy who locked his cycle like this. He should be punished for this.



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Image Source

2. Only a dumb can do this

No doubt! A man who has no brain only he can lock his cycle like this.


Image Source

3. A belt as a lock?

A belt can be a lock of your trousers but it can be of your cycle.


Image Source

4. Now even you can’t open this lock

It would take a year if she starts to open it right now.


Image Source

5. Rainproof cycle

The cycle will not get wet even if the rain comes.


Image Source

6. You have to lock the cycle not handles

A nice idea but still fails. You have to lock the cycle not it’s handles.


Image Source

7. Why you did this?

I still don’t understand why he did this. These locks cost more than that cycle.


Image Source

8. How they put it inside?

How this cycle gets in? How they put it inside? I really wanna know it.


Image Source

9. A cyclist who has no brain

Only a brainless man lock his cycle like this and even another brainless man can steal this cycle easily. The number of brainless is damn high.


Image Source

10. Don’t even about nicking this bike

No one can do a nicking on this bike because simply they can’t. It has been caught by fisherman.


Image Source

11. Locked everything except the cycle

This guy has locked everything chain, bar but not cycle. How great brain he has.


Image Source

12. Have a good day with basket

A thieve whose gonna stole this cycle should left a little message for the cyclist “Have a good day with basket”.


Image Source

13. Having a pet anaconda is awesome

If you have a pent anaconda then you can also use it as a lock of your cycle. But what if anaconda bites you?


Image Source

14. It would take an hour to do this

The lock which surely has been made in an hour can be cut off easily in a minute if you have a scissor in your pocket.


Image Source

15. Too many locks for one cycle

Does this cycle has some kind national secret? Because you locked it like this.


Image Source

16. He only has to turn the handle to right

Just move the handle to right and the lock is open.


Image Source

17. The toughest lock ever?

The guy who made this lock thinks it is the toughest lock ever. But I think you’re brain is the tiniest brain of all time.


Image Source

18. Standing ovation for this one

I want all of you to give a standing ovation for this great personality.


Image Source

19. Just took that Tyre off

 What thieve has to do it just took this front Tyre off and the bicycle is all his.


Image Source

20. As I said just took that Tyre out

This is what happens when you follow the lock that has been done in the photo above.


Image Source

21. What these people thinks these bars are?

I don’t know what they think about these bars but what they do is seriously incorrect.


Image Source

22. Now the thieve should punish them

These guys seriously boiling my blood. What they think these bars are?


Image Source

23. Missed everything

I will say only two words for it “Missed everything”


Image Source

24. 10 seconds effort and bicycle is yours

Do a 10 seconds effort, cut that tape off and the bicycle is all yours.


Image Source

25. An invisible rod

There is an invisible rod that only dumb people can see.


Image Source

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