25 Hilarious Kids Hide and Seek Fails


Hide and seek is the best indoor game a kid can have. We all have played it in our childhood. But when you fail in trying to hide it is funny. We have collected funny hide and seek fails photos you should see. I hope it will make you happy.


25 Hilarious Kids Hide and Seek Fails


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Enjoy the gallery of 25 “funny hide and seek fails photo”. Which is your favorite one?

1. We can still see you even if you are not wearing clothes

The kid thinks his skin is transparent but he should know it is not a movie.

Image Source

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2. Is there something behind that towel?

Can’t figure what is really trying to do. Is there something behind the towel?

Image Source

3. He must be eating cookies inside

I am sure he is not trying to hide, he is eating cookies inside.

Image Source

4. Don’t touch that crocodile

This is most adorable crocodile you can ever see. Don’t touch him he will torn you.

Image Source

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5. Lego box is a good idea but you’re not a Lego

We can’t see you if you were a Lego but hard luck you’re a human.

Image Source

6. A cushion with human legs

Have you ever seen a cushion with human legs? If not then you have to see this picture.

Image Source

7. Hiding in a lamp’s cap is seriously a bad idea

The kid thinks we can imagine him as a lamp stand. Seriously?

Image Source

8. The main thing is he can’t see

You don’t only have to hide your face; you have to hide your whole body.

Image Source

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9. Girls always think they are slim

It is in the nature of female. Even a kid thinks she is slimmer than the cushion.

Image Source

10. You can’t hide yourself in a doll

Your height is not that small that we can’t see you beside the doll.

Image Source

11. They are not just looking for your face

Kids these days don’t even know that they are looking for your whole body not just face.

Image Source

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12. We can still see you

If the tree was thick then it is possible we can’t see you but it is not.

Image Source

13. Weirdest place to hide

I mean who hide beneath the chair? No one except this kid.

Image Source

14. A ghost in the blanket

What this kid is really trying to do? Is he hiding or trying to scare his partner?

Image Source

15. It is a bit better than other

This kids seems to have a lit bit of mind but we can still see him.

Image Source

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16. Nice Try but we can see your legs

The kids has tried his best hiding beneath the basket but his legs ruined his effort.

Image Source

 17. He must be looking for cookies inside

Hiding is just an act for him but in real he is searching for cookies.

Image Source

18. Lamp baby strikes again

Again we have a lamp baby. Why it’s getting too much.

Image Source

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19. This is getting too much

Cmon Kids why you people thinks that your legs are transparent?

Image Source

20. Santa Claus behind the curtain?

We have a tiny little Santa Claus behind that curtain. It’s adorable.

Image Source

21. The sun ruined her all effort

She finds a nice place to hide but sun have planned something different.

Image Source

22. But the basket is transparent

The kid finds a nice place to hide but his hard luck is that the basket is transparent.

Image Source

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23. It is a bit scary

In horror movies we see little girls hiding in a toilet. It seems similar to that.

Image Source

24. When they will learn that their legs are visible

Why kids thinks that their legs are invisible. This is mystery is still unsolved.

Image Source

26. Not wearing clothes can’t make you invisible

Someone have to put it in their mind that without clothes you are not invisible. We can still see you.

Image Source

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