25 Hilarious Fortune Cookie Messages

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Fortune cookies not always have serious messages inside it. Sometimes we get funny and hilarious fortune cookie messages that makes us to laugh hard even if we don’t want to laugh. In this article, you will see the same type of message. We have collected some hilarious fortune cookie messages from the web and We are sure you will love these funny messages and share it with your friends.

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Enjoy the gallery of “25 Hilarious Fortune Cookie Messages” that will make you to laugh hard. Which is your favorite one? Share it if you like it.

25 Hilarious Fortune Cookie Messages

1. Best way to sell more Chinese food

This restaurant know it very well how to sell their food more that why give such messages.



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2. Is it a message or threat?

Are they giving him a message or a threat? It is hard to understand.

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3. Tell us more!

Tell us more fortune cookie. We were not aware of this.

3Image Source

4. Fortune cookie has made you famous

The man who received this message must be very lucky. Fortune cookie has made him famous.

4Image Source

5. Just like a new born baby

This fortune cookie message has just born just like a new born baby. Welcome to earth.

5Image Source

6. Yes! he can do nothing else more

If I had received this message, I would burn that restaurant into ashes.

6Image Source

7. And Alien will take you to mars

What a kiddy messages we are recieving these days in fortune cookies. Seriously!

8Image Source

8. Why they did this?

If you don’t have any message remaining, send such messages to costumers. This is what they are doing these days.

8Image Source

9. What….?

I mean what? and they also mean what..? but what is what..?

9Image Source

10. Run! They are coming for you

Yes run and don’t pay the bill because this is what they deserve.

10Image Source

11. Are you giving it free?

They are ordering him like they are going to give him shrimp free of cost.

11Image Source 

12. Only a fool will come again

You think you can make people fool? You’re wrong fortune cookie. They will surely not coming again after reading this.

12Image Source

13. They will suck your brother

Vampires are hungry and they are coming to suck your blood so, run for your life.

14Image Source

14. So don’t leave your seat

Another way to make more money. They are sucking people money like blood.

14Image Source

15. This is all your fault

How is it our fault? It is your cookie’s fault who gives us this message.

15Image Source

16. This is what I always do

Blame your computer if you have not completed your work. This is what we all do.

16Image Source

17. Time to learn Chinese

This is best way to promote your language. Give it as an order to learn it in fortune cookie.

17Image Source

18. The golden rule you should follow

Fortune cookie has just give you a golden rule to follow. Don’t ignore it, a life lesson is hidden it.

18Image Source

19. May the odds be with you

You have been chosen for the hunger games. We hope you will come back alive.

19Image Source

20. Not for heart patient

If you have a problem with your heart and you receive this message, don’t turn it.

20Image Source

21. I said don’t turn it

I warned you not to see the other side of the paper but you have not listen me.

21Image Source

22. It’s too late now

Now need for this. He has just finished his Chinese food so better luck next time.

22Image Source

23. Look for every person who has brown eyes

The most hilarious fortune you can ever receive. What if he has brown eyes?

23Image Source

24. Message from a prisoner

Nothing worse than to be a prisoner to be someone and he wanna get rid of prison.

24Image Source

25. Message from you school teacher

I think the man who baked this cookie must be a teacher in a school.

25Image Source

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