25 Food Pranks You Should Do With Your Friends

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Pranks are always fun to do. We enjoy it more, if we do it with our friends and if you want to enjoy more you should do food pranks with your friends. In this article we will give you some example that how you should do food pranks with your friends. We have gathered these photos from the web just for you. We hope you will enjoy these pranks and share it with your friends.

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Enjoy the gallery 25 funny food pranks you should do with your friends. Which prank do you like the most? Share it if you like it.

1. Mix their toothpaste with mayonnaise

The mixture of toothpaste and mayonnaise will give such a taste that i can’t even explain you. Ewww.



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Image Source

2. Give them a fake meatball

Give them a fake meat ball but instead of meat put chocolate inside.


Image Source

3. Cut apple like fries

Cut apple like fries and also pour some yogurt plus peach on it.


Image Source

4. Sundae made with mashed potato

Give them a sundae made with mashed potato. They will hate the taste.


Image Source

5. A hidden mentos in cola

Place a mentos beneath the cap of the bottle. When they open the bottle, a disaster will happen.


Image Source

6. Microwave a soap and it will look like a bread

Place a soap in a microwave and when take it out it will look like bread. Give this to your friends to eat.


Image Source

7. The sucking sauce prank

This one is hilarious. you are going to love this prank.


Image Source

8. Replace the apple candy with onions

Replace the apple candies with onions. The taste they gonna have is memorable. No one will come close them because of smell.


Image Source

9. Finger inside the chocolate

make a hole in the chocolate basket, take your inside from that hole and present chocolate to your friend.


Image Source

10. Bake spaghetti muffins

Bake spaghetti muffins for them and give them with a tea.


Image Source

11. The ketchup prank

It’s time for your friend  to clean up his house. This is how it will work.


Image Source

12. Dip the raw egg in chocolate

Dip raw egg in chocolate so it look likes an Easter egg and give it your friend.


Image Source

13. Place so called orange juice for them

Place so called orange juice for them in a fridge. When they drink it, they will use good words for you.


Image Source

14. Make a jelly juice

Make a juice for them but not of any fruit, made the one with jelly. They can’t suck it.


Image Source

15. Time for some Oreo toothpaste

Your friend loves to eat Oreo? It’s damn good then. Remove the cream and place toothpaste instead of it.



Image Source

16. Fill donuts with mayonnaise

If your friends is a big lover of donuts then you should try this with him.


Image Source

17. How about some mentos ice bombs?

What do you think when the ice will your friend face after mentos ice bomb blasts? What she will do?


Image Source

18. How about some soya cola?

It gonna makes his eyes red and smoke will come out of his ears. So you have to be in touch with fire fighters.


Image Source

19. Freeze their morning cereal

Freeze their cereals, when they will eat it, Oppsss! they can’t.

19Image Source

20. Do you love the sound of balloon burst?

Do you love the sound which comes when balloon burst? How about trying it on your friend?


Image Source

21.  Does he love lollipop?

Does your friend love lollipop? How about some vegetable lollipop?


Image Source

22. Have you ever ate meat pie?

The best way to try to eat how it tastes is to try it on your friend.


Image Source

23. Hot dogs filled with chocolate

It will be a mess but still it’s worthy.


Image Source

24. Cones filled with mashed potatoes

How about giving a cone made of mashed potatoes?


Image Source

25. What do you think this pizza is made off?

I would love to taste it but I don’t want to because it is made fresh strawberry.


Image Source

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