24 Most Hilarious Road Signs in London – Caution Jokes Ahead


It is fun to move in the streets of London. The trip becomes more enjoyable when the roads are surrounded by funny and hilarious road signs. Some of the road signs are important and cautionary but are too much funny. Some of the hilarious road signs in London are discussed as under:


24 Most Hilarious Road Signs in London


1. Keep the road clean

This road sign is very hilarious. This is cautionary in nature and it warns people that they have to clean the waste of their pets. You need to keep your pets at home if such sign is present on the road.



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2. Getting to the work late

This sign board is very attractive and funny. It is found on the roads where work is in progress. You can pass by this sign without laughing.


3. Sign not in use

This sign has no use practically but is posted on the roads just for fun. Suddenly person see the sign and get curious that what it is all about. You cannot resist laughing after seeing it.


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4. Precaution for music lovers

This sign board makes the people aware that music can be dangerous. But presents this fact in a funny manner.


5. No accidents on the road

OMG! This sign says that there should be no accident on the road. It is inserted to save people from accidents by converting the message in funny way.


6. Are you wearing a clean underwear

Oh No! I am laughing hard after watching this road sign. A person thinks twice that is he/she wearing clean underwear or not after viewing this sign.


7. Remember you are in London

This funny sign on the road ensure that people remember that they are in London.


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8. Prank road

This sign board makes the mood of passers funny. I guess prank should be done on the road.


9. Wrong Way

Oh No! What happens when you move on a road and it says “wrong way”? A person becomes nervous but this sign is just for fun.


10. No Eye contact

This sign shows that eye contacts with other people are not allowed. So if you don’t need a penalty then avoid eye contact with others.


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11. Funny path

This sign board is so funny. Just look at the path on which you have to travel. It is totally zig zag, but just for fun.


12. Beware of danger

OMG! Just speed up your car if you see this kind of sign board on the road. Wild ox with feathers are waiting for you!


13. Cyclists just beware

If you are a cyclist then you can jump into the road, so beware!


14. Stop But Don’t Stop

This sign says “Stop” but suddenly gives precaution “not to stop in alley”. Hahaha! This is so funny and confusing.




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15. Stop Bicycles

The bicycles are not allowed to go further. Park your cycle and move on your legs!


16. Beware of Octopus

OMG! Just sit in your vehicle otherwise octopus will catch your legs.



17. Poor worker on the road

You need to know that work is in progress and poor workers are taking rest. So stop your vehicles and join them. Hahaha



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18. Flirting sign board

OMG! The sign boards of London are very flirty just like the citizens!



19. Oh No Zombies

Oh No! just stop your cars otherwise become the victim of zombies.



20. Love Your Enemies

Sign board for those folks who loves their enemy alot.



21. Fairies on the road

Curious signs that appeared in city of English Exeter in year 2000.



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22. Melting sign board

Creative and innovative melted signs that can impress the people who walk on streets and designs made by Final Frontier Design UK.



23. Thanks for suffering

A sign board for those who are suffering from fever by seeing these sign boards then feel little fresh.



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24. Elderly people

this sign board is designed for elderly people.



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