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15 Awesome Homemade Christmas Food Gift Ideas 2018

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Chestnuts and vanilla jam

Chestnuts and vanilla jam is beautifully sweet and not only on bread is it a pleasure. We like them, for example, also to a cheese platter; in yogurt or cottage cheese, pancakes … today we will share the recipe: chestnuts and vanilla jam

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Give joy – with gifts from the kitchen

Homemade gifts from the kitchen are a great gift for your next invitation. Whether you give a delicious jam Birthday, bring tasty sauces for barbecue or just distribute scented spice mixes to your loved ones – edible gifts are always a nice, personal gift idea. And because they are eaten quickly, they do not gather dust in the closet…

Browse through our wide range of ideas and you will find, for example, tasty sandwich spreads and sweets to melt away. Or bake your gifts simple – how about cake in glass or aromatic small walnut breads? Also for Christmas edible gifts are suitable wonderful. Who loves steaks, would be sure of a homemade relish, who cannot resist sweet, eyes light up at with love made ​​himself caramels in golden-festive paper. Love goes through the stomach – and what better way to strengthen a friendship as homemade gifts to eat?

Gifts from the kitchen – much more personal than selling

Jam to give away is a real classic: Beautifully decorated glasses with self-cooked jams make a lot more joy than selling jams, because they are really smart on a celebratory breakfast table. Also homemade sauces are a big hit as gifts to eat: mustard variations, tomato ketchup with mango make a great gift and make every supermarket product in the shadows. Also spreads are a wonderful gift for a meal. They are not only delicious for breakfast but find fresh bread as a snack between meals or for supper use. To give away the spread makes them particularly pretty in a small glass, embedded in a basket with homemade bread and fresh milk.

Exciting spice blends like Fireplace sugar or orange and chili salt spice up the food and see packaged good too. Other nice ideas are cookies, candy bars, oils and butter.

Tea kit 



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Tonic Syrup


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Pepper-Infused Vodka with Sriracha Salt


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Honey Orange Butter


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Salty Olive oil Granola


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Blondie Kit


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Holiday Puppy Chow


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Fried Chicken Kit


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Bacon Peanut Caramel Corn


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Wine Kit


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Classic Manchattan


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Cup Cakes


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HomeMade Nutrella


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Oreo Cheescake


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Marshmallow Jar


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