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14 Reasons Why London is Awesome 2018


 London is among the best places to live on this planet hence it is easy to give “reasons why London is awesome” and that is exactly what we are going to do today in a very detailed way. Here on this website we are always talking about how to do different things in London, how live in there safely, how to get stuff done properly and so on. Today we decided to give Londoners something to be happy and excited about and that is telling them and telling the world why London is awesome.




14 Reasons Why London Is Awesome

1. Community That Cares


Unlike many other cities in this world, London is a place where you are safe all the time because everyone around you cares about you. All people feel like they are bound in a true relationship of humanity with each other which is the reason why they are always ready to help each other.

You see someone harassing a women in subway or you see a cop losing control over situation, people are always going to jump in for help because they care about the place they live and they certainly care about the people sharing the same place. That makes it a pleasuring, comforting and worth living all at the same time.

2. Food That Makes You Want To Never Die


There is not a single human being living on this planet that doesn’t love food. London is just incredible in what it has to offer when it comes to delicious foods. There are tons of people living in city who belong to different races, color, languages, regions, countries and religions and they all are trying to bring out their special best to public which results in a huge amount of spicy dishes to be tasted and enjoyed.

Though, you might be thinking that all of this will cost you a lot of money but you are wrong. Most dishes are available very cheaply and are in grasp of a normal human being.

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3. Underground Travelling Is Like Imagination


If there is one thing that London Government is extremely serious about, that is comfort of people in traveling. Since, there is a large number of humans living here it is important for them to reach at their desired destinations at the right time to keep London’s system going and not get stuck like it does sometimes in New York.

That is when different sources of traveling come in making it nearly impossible for you to miss your meeting or appointment just because you were stuck somewhere. Sorry, but that excuse just won’t work if you live in London.

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4. Movies Beyond Expectations

One of the biggest reasons why London is awesome is the quality of movies and the ways that those movies are enjoyed in. There are cinemas in London where you can sit in water tub naked along with other ten people and have fun watching your favorite movie.

Or you can get yourself on boat and see your movie while slipping around on river water. There are many more creative ways that Londoners enjoy their movies in because they just love to do so.

5. Music Is In The Blood

It is said that :

“If you take away music from London, there is nothing left to be taken”

And that is 100% true. Music is in blood of Londoners and they can’t imagine their lives without it. There are more music concerts in London in 1 year than many countries have in decades and they still might not match the scale of humanity that gathers to enjoy that music because most times it is done for free and for everyone. Anyone with desire to listen to something good can come in and he won’t be charged a single penny.

6. Have Fun Or Just Die

It is said that if you are not having fun with your life then you don’t deserve to live anyways but it seems like Londoners have taken serious note of that saying as they truly believe in that. They are always up for going to parties and having fun like no other city in this world making them the most amazing people in entire country.

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7. History Is Glorious And It Is Everywhere

London has incredible history and they are not shy to show off what they have done in the past. For people who were born, bred and taught in London, this is no big deal because they already know their history. But for those who are from other countries of the world, London is a huge attraction as it contains history all around showing who did what and what happened when.

That is pretty helpful and knowledgeable for students and working people all at the same time.

8. List Of Events Is Never Ending

With so many people from outside countries and different religions and London’s own habit of not letting the chance to have fun go by, there are hundreds of events that are held in the city from people of different kinds for everyone.  These events include sports, music, religious, charity, art and much more.

Hence, if you are in London it means that you’ll never have a time when there is nothing fun to go to because there is always something fun going on around.

9. The Scenes That You’ll Never Forget

London Beauty

The city is a pure beauty in itself with its incredible scenes. The parks, the rivers, the museums and all other historical places offer you scenes that will last forever in your memories. One might think that living in a busy city such as London will be painful because of horns and all the noise even at the night. It is true if you live on roadside but there are places in heart of city where you can go and relax and you won’t hear a single sound except birds and air.

You can sit there and look at the beauty that city has to offer and most importantly thank God for blessing you with such life.

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10. The Feeling Of Living

When we are talking about reasons why London is awesome we simply can’t forget this one. The feeling that you are living in one of the most beautiful, popular, well controlled and important cities in the world is a feeling beyond words. It cannot be explained or shared with those who haven’t felt it because that is only possible when you are living their yourself.

11. Art is Incredible

Londoners are serious about art and you’ll never see anyone joking about it. They have real passion for it which is the reason why they spend so much money and time not only contributing to art but also in visiting art exhibitions and buying expensive paintings and art pieces.

Some folks in other countries label it as foolish or stupid but Londoners don’t care about that. They love art and that is all that matters to them.

You can see art everywhere in city and even on the common roads and street. It is just loved equally all around the city.

12.  Education Matters A Lot


The first and foremost reason why London has so many people from outside countries and why it is praised all around the world is because of standard of excellence that they have when it comes to filed of education. They take it seriously and do it better than any other city which makes it best suited city for people with families and kids who want to pursue their dreams after getting decent education.

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13. Restaurants Are in Plenty

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you prefer, what kind of environment you are looking for or what dish you want to eat because with insanely high number of restaurants in London it is pretty easy to find anything for yourself with ease.

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14. Ease Of Life

Life is easy in London. You want  to travel, want documents regarding education, need to buy some home, need a room for night, want admission in some college or anything else, you can get it all done with bunch of clicks on your laptop or even smartphone.

Those times of running around worried and reaching places to do such things are long gone. Welcome to London and a new world.

London has a lot more to offer to lives of human beings than we can possibly cover in this article. It helps you not only live your life on a good standard but also enjoy your time on this planet to the fullest with all that is going on in city. If you are living in London already and thinking about moving to some other place then we strongly advise you to think again before you do so.

However, if you are living somewhere else in the world then it is time to get to this awesome city and start living your life like you deserve, In a better, easier and enjoyable way.

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