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Popular Nicknames Of London City

Like humans some popular cities in the world also have their nicknames which are based on their specific qualities. For example New York which is one of the most popular cities in the world and an important American city has been known by many of its nicknames, for example New York City is called “The big people, The melting pot, New Amsterdam, the empire city and many more”. There are many other cities in all over the world which are known by their nicknames, but today we are going to discuss here nicknames of London city. London is one of the world’s historical cities and once it was also the main city of the world hence it has got many nicknames, some of those are listed below.


1. The Smoke or the Big Smoke

This is one of the popular nicknames of London. Air pollution in London is increasing day by day since centuries. In the middle of the 20th century, almost in 1952 great clouds of smoke covered the whole and those clouds stayed in the atmosphere for many days and they also caused many skin diseases. Still air pollution in London gave rise to pea soup fogs. That’s why London city is also called the smoke or the Big smoke.

Smoke in London

Smoke in London

2. The Swinging City

The Swinging city is another nickname of the Capital city of United Kingdom. “The Swinging city” this nickname was given to London city when its played important role in Cultural Revolution in mid of 1960s. Due to that cultural revolution in London it was given the nickname of the swinging city.

Different Cultures

Different Cultures

3. Reykjavik – Nicknames of London

This name was given to the London city by the Economists. The Economists have concern that United Kingdom had same banking system as Ice Land have. This nickname was given to the London in 2008 due to Icelandic banking characteristics. The Economists was considering that United Kingdom has same banking system which cause financial crises in Ice Land and it may cause crises in UK.

bank in London

bank in London

4. The great Wen

Wen means “Sebaceous cyst”, so this is one of the disgusting nicknames of London. This nickname was given in the 1820s by William Cobbett in his work “Rural Rides”. William Cobbett was a rural champion of the United Kingdom and his aim was to always prefer rural life against urban life. In 1820s when London started growing rapidly he also called this practice as “Swelling on the face of the nation”.

Rural London

Rural London

5. The City and the square mile

This term was used by the people of the London for the area of the London. But especially these terms are used as metonyms by the financial services industry of the London.

Area of London - Nicknames of London

Area of London – Nicknames of London

So, these are the some popular nicknames of London city. As I’ve mentioned earlier that many popular cities in the world are also known by some other names which are their nicknames. And those nicknames are given to the cities due some special qualities which they posses. We hope you will like this list of nicknames of London, but stay in touch with us for more interesting stuff about London.

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