25 Teens Selfie Fails You Can’t Miss to See


Selfie has become a tradition these days, specially for teenagers. They take at least 2 selfies a day. But when the selfie fails, it become hilarious and it can also make you a famous but as a joke. You will become joke in school and in social life, even in your house. Every one will make fun of you even your siblings. In this article you will see some funny teens selfie fails. We hope you will enjoy and share it with your friends.


Enjoy the gallery “25 Teens Selfie Fails you can’t miss to see”. Which is your favorite one?

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1. Over Makeup Selfie

Makeup makes woman beautiful but over makeup can make of you.



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2. When you forget to crop background

Always look behind when you are taking a selfie. Because such backgrounds can make you a joke.


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3. A Spider can make your Selfie funny

This is what happen when you don’t clean your room. Insect started to live there.


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4. Are your legs is your bae?

When they gonna learn how to crop photo? I think never.


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5. Liquefy tool goes wrong

This is not just selfie fail, this is also photoshop fail.


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6. Why you did this with grandma?

The grandma is looking cuter than you. So, you should better don’t take such photo again.


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7. Reflection should never be ignored

They should never ignored that reflection. It has ruined such a nice photo of them.


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8. Is dolls eyes are available in market?

Are they really transplanting doll eyes? According this teen they are.


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9. He don’t look Japanese

He don’t look Japanese from any point but still hello Kitty cover.


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10. That face is really horrible

After seeing I seriously got scared. What she has done with her face.


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11. Fake bae strikes again

What is happening to teens? Why they do this?


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12. They have to learn some manners

Teens of today knows nothing about manners. They should have to learn manners.


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13. The thug life choose him

He didn’t choose thug life. The thug life choose him.


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14. That rat face ruined the photo

You don’t have to wear rat face to look good. You have better face.


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15. Duck face fails

That moment when your duck face selfie fails. This is what it look likes.


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16. Two in one fail

This is what we call two in one fail. Photoshop plus selfie fail in one picture.


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17. He has killed his dignity

They can go this far just for a selfie. He has nailed his dignity, respect and whatever he has.


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18. Indeed her last selfie

Her mom gonna kill her for that pose. Feeling sad for this girl.


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19. Why didn’t he closed the gate?

Why didn’t he closed the gate? What was he trying to do? Now he will become famous as a joke.

19Image Source

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20. The most dangerous Selfie yet

Risking your neck for a selfie? It has reach too far. It should have to stop.


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21. Look closely and you will see

Look closely to this photo and you will see why this selfie fails.


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22. What he thinks lawnmower will do for him?

The mystery is still unsolved. No one knows why he took selfie with lawnmower. He is not even a gardener. There is no logic.


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23. I will never eat Pizza again

Why you did this pizza box? Why? I am never gonna eat pizza again because you.


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24.What is the reason of doing this?

No one knows why this teen did this? He must hate this man.


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25.Why you should always check reflection

This photo could be nice if this lady had cropped that leg. But she has not.


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